joi, 21 aprilie 2016

Important facts - when you sell a house

Selling a house (or.... your house) it is a thing that the large majority of individuals are encountering at least once or twice in their lives. Whether you need a bigger house where you want to move with your wife, either is about having some kids and needing a bigger place, or simply selling a house that you have inherited, sooner or later you will probably need to sell a house.

Now, the interesting aspects about the real estate market is that... you ALWAYS have to prepare, to study the market, to study the area price, the condition of your house (the one that you want to sell) through comparisson with other houses, the local trends, the influence of things that need to be repaired over the price, the neighbours, the stores that are close (or not) to your house, the level of noise and lately the level of polution. All of those are very important factors and sometimes even decisin makers for a potential buyer, so you will need to be prepared.

Also, you will need to study the local newspapers, to study all of the important websites where you can find information about property cost in jour location, in order to prepare a competitive offer and really sell this house.

Another thing that it is overlooked even by some real estate agents and specialists is in the quality of your online listing, where is it not enough to simply put a couple of pictures with 2-3 rooms, but you neet to create a very good image of your property, in such a way that it will atract attention to the potential buyers and it will present the property in an realistic manner. Basically we recommend you to use tools like TourWizard, which is a virtual tour creator that can be used even by non-technical persons in order to create great virtaul tours for the house they are selling.

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