miercuri, 13 mai 2015

A Little Guide for a Succesful Erotic Massage Session

Besides the sexual easily tempt it emits, erotic massage means more than this because is an excellent method of stress release and a more than good method to erotic stimulate both women and men. Besides the relaxation and wellbeing that can offer a relaxing massage session, a session of erotic massage can provide full relaxation and even body because the techniques are much different from classic massage techniques.
A few tips to keep in mind when doing a massage session:
- Create a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant
- Choice of relaxing music like Buddha bar, but be careful not to be too relaxed because his partner did not fall asleep during the massage session
- The use of special oil massage oils carefully to be warm before use
- The use of candles and incense that will provide a relaxing atmosphere
- It is recommended even a hot shower before massage session because warm water opens the pores and the oils will absorb much better
- An extra binding recommendation of my partner's eyes during the massage session because you perceived sensations will be more intense.
- Ask your partner if they fantasize before and if you want those fantasies to be fulfilled ... also attention to areas where girls do not want to be touched ... you do not want to spoil all the charm of a small proastioara.

Given the small tips that I gave you above will surely be able to give her partner a memorable massage session in your own home ... Take advantage of my tips and strengthen the relationship between you two.